Private Retreats for Couples

Are you looking to rekindle the passion in your relationship or do you dream of making your hot…hotter?

Do you long to unlock your full potential as lovers and awaken the pleasure that is your birthright?

Does a shared  resolution with your partner,  to increase passion, intimacy and trust excite you?

What could be more exquisite than the gift  to recommit to the sacredness and playfulness of your relationship at a private, customized retreat.

 You will be guided by  Pamela Madsen with either Ron Stewart  Neal Wecker  or Mac McGregor internationally known somatic sex educators and intimacy coaches. Known for creating accessible, loving, and safe environments for adults to explore their sexual potential. Through live demonstrations, instruction and practice opportunities you will learn to touch each other in ways that you only imagined.

The “Back to The Body” team has run sold out retreats for women and has worked privately with couples with extraordinary success. Our emphasis is on touch, learning how to communicate desire, letting go of sexual taboos, understanding the differences between sexual boundaries and edges, as well as deepening our ability to have sexual communication.

Do you have questions about this retreat? Want to know if it is right for you? Please email Pamela at or call at 917 703 3785 to arrange a private and free consultation. Come play and learn with us!

Retreats can be held in our private retreat center in Victoria, BC, or anywhere in world. We are currently offering a special opportunity in Italy. Ron Stewart and Pamela Madsen will be in Italy from September 30th through October 6th and will be available to meet you and your beloved anywhere in Italy. Let’s create a memory that you and your beloved will never forget!

Email Pamela for more information: or

Private Retreats for Women

Pamela Madsen, with either Ron Stewart or Neal Wecker  can work with you alone, or in a combination of ways.  Retreats and sessions can happen in their private studios in Seattle, Victoria, BC, Ithaca NY or anywhere in the world that you wish! We fly to work with clients across the United States and internationally.

Would you like to know more about private sessions for women?  What a private retreat could look like? Would you like to know all of the options?

Please email Pamela at and put Private Sessions in the subject line. Pamela will create a time to talk with you and help you access your needs.


In this loving environment you will:

Develop, Rekindle and Grow the sexual connection with your partner that will expand your heart, nourish your desires, and fill you with a sense of aliveness

Learn the secrets of sensual touch

Approach sexual arousal and orgasm in a brand new way

Understand and expand your private sensual practices

Develop new communication pathways that will shift your relationship and deepen your intimacy.

Awaken the possibility of  pleasure in your body that you may never have felt before

Explore your full potential as a lover

Learn to speak your desires and fantasies to your partner

Explore what it is to play erotically again

Let go of sexual shame

Learn ways to continue to play sexually with each other with changing bodies and health concerns

Dump sexual boredom and predictability

Let go of sexual blocks

Have an incredible time together

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