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Amy Kebernik

Amy Kebernik


Amy Kebernik

Somatic Sexual Educator


About Amy

I am a Somatic Sexual Educator, Tantra teacher, and Sexuality & Intimacy coach whose life’s purpose is to assist those who wish to reclaim their pleasure, power, and personal freedom through expanded awareness and embodied sexual healing practices. I teach people how to access radical self-love through a refined re-awakening process.

My professional training comes from a number of diverse modalities, including Skydancing Tantra, Somatica, Somatic Sexual Education and Sexological Bodywork. I have done in-depth studies in Breathwork, Meditation, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Shamanics, Energy healing, Sound healing, advanced Reflexology, and Bodywork. I work privately with clients and facilitate events and workshops on Tantra, Relationships & Intimacy, Sexual Embodiment, and teach boundary and consent work based on Dr. Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent model.  I’ve been fortunate to have some of the best teachers and mentors in their respective fields.

A little-known secret about me, is that I spent the last 20 years as a classically-trained singer and professional musician, teaching people of all ages how to find and express their authentic voice, while developing greater body awareness and a deeper connection to their breath and sound. I believe that anything that allows us the full creative expression of our Soul, leads us toward greater freedom and happiness in our lives!

My approach has been shaped by my own healing journey, as a result of a childhood filled with sexual abuse and trauma. I explored many therapeutic modalities on the quest to heal my heart, mind and body. I found that Somatic and Tantric de-armoring work was some of the most profound and effective at completing and releasing the cycles and effects of stored trauma! As a result of this work, I’ve been able to reclaim my pleasure and power, and reconnect lovingly with my body and my sexuality.

As a practitioner, it is with deep honor and gratitude that I hold space for other women with loving compassion and deep presence, whether they feel they are on a path of recovery or discovery.


Benefits of Private Sessions

One of the biggest benefits I witness happening for clients is the personal transformation that happens as a result of the expansion of awareness on every level. This can happen both internally and externally in the tangible, physical field. 
After their sessions, women often report feeling more relaxed, lighter, freer, and more open. Colors are brighter, and everything seems clearer and more vivid. Food can even taste better. Every sensation is enhanced, including pleasure! Clients can find that anxiety or pain decreases, or even disappears. Deeper and more restful sleep often happens. Many women feel it is a pivotal moment in their relationship with themselves. While each experience is unique and different, I have seen incredible transformations happen for people after just one session.

Opening up to feeling more in your body can be incredibly helpful prior to going into any other bodywork sessions. The work helps to break down any walls and guarding we may carry in our bodies – which can lead to numbness in our genitals, and disconnection from our pleasure. When we can allow ourselves to be held and seen in this beautifully authentic, soft, vulnerable state, our hearts and our bodies are open to new experiences and ways of be-ing. 
I am always available throughout the retreat for any other additional support you may need, or any questions you may have.

What if I don’t know what I’d like to work on?

If you feel unsure as to what we might explore or work on together, I would encourage you to take a moment and really feel into your body. Do you have any chronic pain or numbness? Are there aspects of your sexuality that you would like to explore, develop or expand? Are there any areas of your life where you would like to feel more connected or embodied? Are you able to fully express your emotions? Your desires? We work with wherever you are at and with wherever you would like to be. Perhaps it is learning how to gift yourself with radical self-love and self-care? Perhaps it might be learning how to slow everything down in order to relax into your body and feel more? Perhaps it is feeling safe enough in order to let go of the need to control?
 Some women want to work with arousal and increasing their capacity for pleasure, or learn how to awaken Kundalini energy within- to access greater states of spiritual awareness and full-body orgasmic experiences. All of this is possible! Depending on your goals, we may not be able to get to everything in one session... although I will certainly do my best! If it is within your means, experiencing a series of sessions over the course of a retreat is a wonderful way to achieve the greatest level of personal expansion. One combination that works really well is to have an initial session or two around releasing any trauma, and then another one where we focus on welcoming in more energy and pleasure! Working with a female practitioner is a very different experience as well... there is a lovely supportive & nurturing quality of the Divine feminine present in the container in which you are held.

What if I don’t have any Trauma?

Every person on this planet has experienced some level of trauma in their life. Often we remain unaware that a cycle of trauma was not completed in our body, although the body and mind might experience lingering symptoms. The current research in Epigenetics shows that many of us are potentially carrying trauma experienced by our parents and grandparents in their lifetimes. As women- we were present as an ovum (egg cell) in our mother’s ovaries, while they were being carried as infants in the wombs of our Grandmothers. We were present during their stressful experiences, through wartime and the Great Depression, any lack of adequate nutrition, during emotional, physical or mental stress and trauma, as adrenaline and elevated cortisol levels moved throughout their bodies. The science shows that our bodies may still carry the residual ‘memory’ of trauma on a cellular level. This can stay dormant until one day, it simply isn’t. It can suddenly arise when we are triggered during times of stress, fear, or emotional or physical intimacy in relationship with others. The saying, ‘The Body doesn’t lie’, is quite literally the truth.

Trauma can be many things. It can show up any time intense feelings and emotions such as fear, grief, despair or anger are repressed. It can be from physical injuries or traumas we experienced, such as accidents, abuse, childbirth or surgeries. There may have even have been a time when you when you were left to cry as a baby - and your immediate emotional and physical needs were not met, or even intentionally ignored. You may have felt shame around your body or sexuality growing up… The most difficult part of the human experience seems to be experiencing and moving through fear, grief & pain. The body holds onto and protects us from trauma in ways that science is still in the process of trying to fully understand.

What happens during a session?

You and I work together to create the container, by setting intentions at the start of the session. Your body will guide the direction in which we go. Sometimes you may find that it may even shift from your original intention. Wherever we go, your boundaries will always be respected and honored. It is deep, powerful work. Many people never have an opportunity to dive into themselves in this way.

When we access trance states, we access the healing potential present in the body and in the subconscious, where neural reprogramming can begin to happen. We work to ‘reset’ the Central Nervous System, and strengthen & tone the Vagus nerve – which regulates many things, including the Parasympathetic Nervous System and our stress response when ‘fight or flight’ is activated. The body has innate wisdom, and in it’s natural state – wants to heal and return to a state of balance. I help to create the space and conditions for you to allow that to occur. Using a combination of Somatic and Tantric practices that involve grounding, guided visualization, diaphragmatic breathwork &  heart-rate variability, sound, movement, and external/internal pressure points, I help you to release and/or shift whatever may need to be transformed. The process involves closely monitoring and following your body’s signals, in each moment. You are encouraged and empowered to travel as deeply into the experience as you wish to, knowing that I am with you the entire time, gently guiding you to guide yourself... back to your body. <3

What is Genital De-armoring?

This wording is used to describe the somatic process of ‘armoring’ that can happen in the body as a physical response to trauma. There are many types of trauma, whether it is shaming around our expression of sexuality, difficult childbirth or medical/surgical experiences, sexual abuse, rape, or any form of unwanted sexual touch.

The body can go into a pattern of guarding or holding, creating chronic pain or tension in the pelvic floor, or even ‘numbing out’ to suppress any sensation or feeling at all. Adhesions and scarring deep in the fascia can also contribute to feelings of pain and ‘stuck-ness’. This can make it extremely difficult to be connected in a loving way with our own bodies, or fully engaged and present with our partners in intimate situations. Loss of intimacy and lack of desire can cause us to pull further away in relationship.

In a de-armoring session, I use a combination of breathwork, touch and sensory awareness to help you relax into a deep state where subconscious patterns can begin the process of neural reprogramming. This is particularly effective for PTSD symptoms, when our bodies have been conditioned to react with a flight, fight or freeze response. Each session is different for each woman, and is based on what you would like to explore. You are gently guided back to a place where it is safe to trust your body, and where it can become safe to trust pleasure again. You begin to heal yourself from within, and that is truly an empowering place. <3


“Amy’s wide skill set is apparent. Her breadth of knowledge surrounding embodiment practices coupled with her fluidity and professionalism as a facilitator allows for incredibly healing and profound experiences. Her compassionate and warm nature creates a safe and nurturing space, in which self-exploration, growth and genuine intimate connection are both encouraged and celebrated. I have experienced incredible growth in my relationship with myself, my body, my boundaries, my desires, and my sexuality under Amy’s guidance in both workshops and one-on-one sessions. Her own dedication to personal growth and evolution is also apparent, and she exudes a poise and inner confidence that further enhances her position as a wonderful facilitator. I would highly recommend her sessions to anyone looking to connect with themselves and others on a deeper and more intimate level. It is the perfect blend of body, emotion, and spirit!”  -C

While I was attending a BttB retreat I had the opportunity to have 2 sessions with Amy. I really didn’t know what to expect. I met with her and discussed what I was going through, and what might be the most helpful during our first session. She suggested that I get on the table and we would “explore some breathwork”. So I walked into her Red Tent, took off my clothes and laid down on the table and got comfortable. She guided me through an intense 1.5 hr session that brought out moans, coughing, laughter and a feeling of purging myself of anger and stress.

It felt so good and important, that I wanted to do more work with Amy as soon as possible. I was fortunate to be able to have another session in the Red Tent a few days later. This session was even more profound, I felt like I had practiced during my first session and could get down to business right away! The energy was flowing through my body, causing me to release anything that was no longer of service to me... anger, pain, stress. She also worked on Yoni de-armoring. With gentle touch and more breath I felt several releases of trauma from my Yoni. After all the hard work of breathing (yes, breath work is hard work!) -  I felt relaxed, euphoric, calm, high, and cleansed. Later, I felt my joints were looser, and the connections in my body were more flexible. My shoulders were less stiff. I truly felt a huge release. I highly recommend Amy’s work. She adapts each session to the client’s needs. Everyone is unique. Amy is such a gentle, lovely person. I highly recommend her for this kind of experience.” - J