Jessica Writes a Love Letter to Back to The Body

Prologue: All of the women who attend Back to the Body, write a love letter to themselves at the end of the retreat. We mail it back to them at a random time....that seems like a perfect time. Jessica allowed us to share her love letter to herself with the world. It moves our hearts.

"Dear Beautiful Jessica, I love you. It's your time to play, soar, take flight, love. You deserve pleasure. You are beautiful. Today you had your first orgasm. Remember the beautiful feeling and the tears. You walked out of your session with your face glowing, right into Pamela's arms to cry. Yesterday you looked into Will's eyes and saw your child self. Was it a saying good by to the pain? Yes, I think so. Remember tears are good and sometimes there's no need to determine what they mean, rather they just "are". No more living in memories. Time to live now. During the check in at the beach you shared the "shehecheyanu" prayer. You were asked to share what was hot and a word.  Your word was "alive".  You had just laid on a table in total nakedness.

Everything has changed. Your time is now. Keep up the good job at work, but work is only that - work.  Enjoy working around with sarongs on your hips. Feel your curves. Feel your power. Feel your strength. Feel your beauty. You ARE awesome, Jessica. I'm so very proud of you for the courage to come here to find yourself and push through your fears. Welcome back to your body. As you said to Pamela today, you felt like your joined the rest of the world, because you did!!! I love you. Love, Yourself