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Sex drive = Life drive

Seeking out and having a delicious relationship with your body, turning on your sexuality and your arousal is a self-perpetuating cycle. The neurotransmitter dopamine—which “focuses your attention on something you really want to go after,” and is found in your arousal, gives us the confidence to approach life, and go after experiences and people we think will provide the most pleasure, while it also releases opioids, which further stoke the fire. HERE"S THE KEEPER FOLKS: Sexually derived dopamine can motivate us in all other areas of life outside of sex.
GOT THAT? Sexually derived dopamine can motivate us in other areas of life.

It's the Arousal Principle.  That's what we cultivate, nurture and expand at Back to The Body: Sensual Retreats For Women. It's a game changer.

I hope there is something here for you.

Pamela Madsen

Tyler Madsen