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Orgasm and Your Re-Birthing

What if there is birth in orgasm? I'm not talking about a babies birth. I'm talking about your birth. I have had Sexological Bodywork Sessions where my belly let go of so much old pain that I believe didn't even belong to my body. It felt ancient. Like it belonged to all women. Yes, sometimes there is birth in orgasm. Sometimes, if we allow it and are willing to be that intimate with ourselves, we can witness our own transition in the birth process of ourselves. That feeling of needing to push, but staying with the pain. That instruction of not anticipating the next contraction and staying in the quiet places until the next wave hit.

We all have the possibility of coming back to our bodies and re-birthing ourselves. This possibility lives in the cauldron of our sexuality. That is where we meet the edge of what we are terrified of, and what we want with all of our might. We all have resistance and obstacles that we put up to prevent ourselves from living our lives out loud and courageously. I'm not perfection. I screw up. I don't have it all figured out.

And I have lots and lots of love, tools, and inspiration for you.

And I will let you see me naked. I invite you to drop your mask and join me. Let's rebirth together. It can look and feel like an orgasm.

Loving you from here,

Tyler Madsen