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Let's Hear From the Men: Our Practitioners Want You to Know

The Men of Back to the Body Dish It Out to Us

We do need the masculine aspect in our lives right now. There is a "dropping in" that the masculine can support the feminine into being able to access. You can find this aspect in our selves or in others who hold that aspect strongly. We need both right now. It's a presence that the masculine can uniquely offer the feminine. This moment of seeing only you that allows the feminine to soften and open.

The knowing that the masculine will stand with women right now. Knowing that he has your back. Knowing that right now women of all religions and colors and sexual orientations are at risk; and that the masculine in our lives is showing up to stand with us so that the feminine can have a soft belly, open legs and open hearts. We need the feminine in her power, in her body and activated like never before..

Offer the women in your life a quality of attention right now that she will need in order to truly open and activate her light.

Until that happens; finger nails will be on the edge, dysfunction will play out and drama will happen. The feminine feeling unsupported in this political climate combined with the avalanche of allegations surfaces in what seems like very moment, will twist and turn looking for that presence and if she does not find it --- she will turn in --- and we will lose her light.

We need all women to be in their fullness on every level; in their bodies, in their sexuality, and activating their inner pharmacy to manifest what the world needs now. This won't happen until the feminine is held in safety -- only then will she be able to fully "Drop into" her body and activate all of herself to help us in saving our democracy and our planet.

What Men Think About Our Body Shame as Women

Get back in touch with your body.

It's literally your portal to creativity, abundance and pleasure. No matter what you think is "wrong" with your body it wants craves touch and love. You do not have to depend on your partner if you have one. You can touch yourself, get a massage, or work with a practitioner. We have retreats open and waiting for you.

Can Sisterhood Be Beautiful Even to Men?

It's time for a new way of speaking about mid life women--and setting different expectations for this third quarter of our lives. Like the moon and the seasons - we have four parts of our lives. And we are in desperate need for role models; women to look up to--and teachers of this uncharted land of femaleness.

We need the Queens to stand up, join hands, raise their voices and champion all women to live into the extraordinary possibility of our changing life passages. It's time to recognize our new powerful reality and the legacy of mid life for women. A time where we can be in charge our of lives in full color.

Immersion is Important to the Experience

Pleasure heals.

And after a decade of working with women around finding their pleasure and body self acceptance --- through all kind of avenues such as s*x toys, mindful self pleasure, "Lotus Lift Meditation", Sexological Body Work, and Back to The Body: Sensuous Retreats For Women ---

I am thrilled with industry finally getting on board. Eventually, this will lead to funding and a more societal acceptance of women reaching for their pleasure.

I believe that the state of arousal may actually be the secret source of every woman’s power.

If it wasn't; why would our genitals be the first thing that is attacked when society wants to subdue women? Throughout history, women have been severed, often from their s*xual energy, preventing them from using it for anything other than the service of men. When the circuit is disrupted, severed, shamed or abused, women numb out. It's our genitals that are mutilated, our bodies that are raped so that we are so traumatized that we lose our power, and it is our sexuality that is even sometimes put under garments to cover all of us and make us invisible even to ourselves.

Learning to access and use arousal is the beginning of becoming whole. When we can find "Sixty Shades of Gray" s*x toys at Walmart --- everyone relaxes about spanking. And that is industry influencing the social acceptance of bd/sm. Yes, they may be making all the profit --- but society reaps the benefit by normalizing s*xuality.

Arousal is the ignition switch of the female erotic engine, that potent driver of sexual energy that is life force itself. Is it any wonder that arousal heals?

Can Parents Be Erotic Beings? I’m a Mom, Can I Be Sexually Alive Too?

About Having a Whole Life (On a Personal Note with Some Wisdom Perhaps For You)

For those of you that are frightened of being rejected by your children because you are honest and open about your life. Let go of that idea. It's really your story -- created by you. Now, I'm not talking about being creepy (like inviting your kids to a sex party for example that you are going to, or leaving your sex toys around, or talking loudly on the phone with a friend about your latest best orgasm).

Creepy sex positive parents are just creepy.

Kids deserve boundaries and you can have openness and boundaries. My sons know what I do, and they are proud of me. AND they avoid my social media like the plague. They have no desire to see their sex educator mom's "pleasure face". AND that's fair and they have been warned (me trying not to be a creepy mom).

We All Want to Be Touched, We All Want to Experience Being in Power, Having a Voice in Our Pleasure

Do You Know What You Want?

A lot of women are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get what they want. But, this is what I bet.....I bet you know exactly what other people in your life want. I do. When we start including ourselves in the world -- the world becomes a more colorful place. Opening up your desires is like flexing a muscle. I know it can feel scary. I know that you might be frightened of not getting what you want, or sitting in disappointment. Wanting what we want, and putting words to it can be risky. The point of knowing and asking is not to always get everything that we want, but to get more comfortable with knowing and speaking our needs. How about even admitting that you have needs?

The sexually empowered woman can not only feel fully, she can bring that energy into all of her life’s endeavors. It’s powerful. You become a force of nature. Men actually have to show up to meet you. They can no longer be small either. Not to be in your life. And, not everyone is ready for that.

Understand his fear, society’s fear, or you own — as you embrace, uncover, and actualize your power.

If we can embrace, understand and nurture its energy, the erotic is the pilot light within yourself. When we allow ourselves to release it, this energy can flow, color and heighten all areas of your life: whether it is cooking, money making, painting, dancing, teaching, mothering, fucking, or examining your own ideas and life.

Loving you from here, Pamela Madsen

Pamela Madsen is the author of Shameless: How I Ditched the Diet, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure...and Somehow Got Home in Time To Cook Dinner and creator of Back to the Body: Sensuous Retreats for Women.  Her work can be found at

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