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Sexual desire is a state not unlike hunger. Too many of us watch what seems like a sexual buffet around us, but can't seem to be able to get fed. We are invited to workshops, read books and movies about sexual pleasure, but don't go or look deeper because our experience is one of not getting it, or the fear of being shamed or left out in some way. We simply stop seeking because hunting for pleasure and partnership is too hard. How are we suppose to feel what is talked about if we have no one to practice it with? We are left curious and yearning for what might be possible in our own bodies. Too many women feel disconnected erotically from their partners or are exhausted by dating. So many of us just shut down or live with unrequited passion. Eventually we just numb out. It shouldn't be this hard. Everyone should be able to feel what is possible in their own bodies. It takes practice. No one wants to show up to practice and feel left out. I've got you. Imagine no female competition and fears of comparison. Imagine being met just where you are. Do you want to learn more about what is possible?

Join Pamela Madsen and Dan Powers of Back to The Body for a Live Webinar


When: Wednesday, January 30th at 7ET/6CT/5MT/4PT


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