The Arousal Principle and Pleasure Mapping

  • SoHo Studio 115 Wooster St Buzzer 2F NYC, NY USA

As a sexuality and intimacy coach I place an extraordinary amount of attention on arousal (not orgasm) as life force energy. "The Arousal Principal" as I like to call it, is a way of considering this energetic state which is the noticeable rise of sensual energy in the body starting in our genitals as a doorway to fuel all of your creative activities not just the full expression of your sexuality. Arousal energy can fuel your writing, art, gardening, relationships, or any other aspect of your life including your relationship with money! And like anything else, you need to spend time exploring and experimenting with this state in your own life to see it's unique potential for you.

Many people describe the feeling as heat, warming, or tingling. A great way to start is to begin to use this delicious state to fuel your meditation practice as well as considering this energetic state as a place to explore your sexual nature on your way to deepened your relationship with your own fully expressed erotic creature.

During this three hour workshop, we will explore female arousal energy in meditation practice, and then create our own "Pleasure Plan" through Pleasure and Sexuality Mapping. You will be creating a map to take home with you.

Frequently asked Questions:

1. Will I be asked to get naked? No. This is a clothing on event.

2. Is this workshop open to everybody? Not this one! This is a workshop for women only.

3. What should I bring? Please bring a pillow, towel to lay on, and even a soft blanket if that would make you more comfortable for your meditation. There will be yoga mats and wool floor blankets available.

4. How do I contact you directly? Please email me at if you have any questions or call me at 917 703 3785.