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Scotland-2 spots left


Join us in Scotland for a true highlander adventure into the land of men in kilts and goddesses.

We will be going back in time. Visiting stone circles and castle ruins.

At this retreat, we’ll revive both the awareness and embodied practice of the ancient stone circles. Our retreat location is in a central location to many stone circles, castles and ancient lands. Imagine stepping into ceremony and sisterhood among the stones and creating our own rituals.

All of this, and everything you have come to expect from Back to the Body: Sensuous Retreat for Women. We are all about bringing the environment into the erotic for women. Imagine going deeper here in the Scottish highlands in a historic manor. 

Once again, Emily Trinkaus will be providing us with TWO BONUS CLASSROOMS, pre-retreat. And, during the retreat, participants will get their astrological charts and be provided with important information on their current charts. She will be leading workshops and activities at various stone circles and temple sites near our retreat location.


Your Scotland Awakened Goddess Journey Awaits....


Medieval and picturesque, Scotland awakens your ancient arousal.  Our travels will take us from Edinburgh to a 3 hour scenic drive North, where our private Mansion beckons us to explore pleasure.  Men in kilts, 3 mile beaches, stone circles holding prehistoric knowledge, Scotland will be a special adventure for our sensuous travel group.    Our Inner Goddess will be greeted on these rolling hills and green land.


Here's what you will experience....

Your Scotland retreat will include everything you have come to expect from Back to The Body: Sensuous Retreats for Women. Every woman will receive personalized attention, and the opportunity to receive five complimentary sensuous somatic sex education sessions with one practitioner, sensuality coaching, deep sisterhood experiences and grand adventures all help from our home base of The Regency Mansion, just outside of Fraserburgh and on 5 private acres of woods and gardens. Plenty of room to spread out our pleasure mapping throughout the week.


Program Activities


A daily invitation to experience complimentary Taoist Sensuous Bodywork Sessions conducted by Back to the Body Certified Sexological Bodyworkers- a new profession certified in California, including the invitation to receive one complimentary session with two body workers for "Cradle of the Love”.  

Sexuality and Intimacy Coaching throughout the week by Pamela Madsen to support you in overcoming body shame, identifying your desires and safely exploring them.

Explore the possibility of feeling the full activation of your whole female autonomic system and learn to do this at home.

Workshops led by Pamela Madsen, on “Eating Sensually”, “Experiencing and Embodying Our Sensuality Out of The Bedroom”, “Understanding Female Orgasm”, “Jade Egg Embodiment Practice”, Unleashing The Power of Your Pelvis”, “The Arousal Principle” and The Anatomy of Arousal”.

Lotus Lift Meditation Practice instruction with Pamela Madsen, recently featured in "O, The Oprah Magazine".

Daily morning practice with guided visualization meditations.

Group discussions on body image, orgasm, sexuality, speaking desire, power play, understanding boundaries and how to open to more pleasure in our daily lives.

Melt into a sisterhood experience like no other.

Two pre-retreat workshops and astrological charting and workshops during the retreat by Emily Trinkaus.


Emily Trinkaus

astrologer, writer, teacher and priestess

Emily Trinkaus is an astrologer, writer, teacher and priestess devoted to the reemerging sacred feminine. Her background includes an M.A. in Women’s Studies and training in several healing modalities. A professional astrologer since 1999, she translates the complex language of astrology into relevant and inspiring information you can use for growth and healing. 

For the past several years Emily’s work has focused on the cycles of Venus and the Moon, guiding women to align with these cosmic feminine forces. Her passion is to support women to dismantle their inner patriarchy and uncover, remember and embody their Goddess selves.

She’s been a regular contributor to The Mountain Astrologer magazine, and her article “Venus, Mary Magdalene and the Reemerging Sacred Feminine” was reprinted on She’s also the author of Creating with the Cosmos: An Astrological Guide to Awakening and Enhancing Creative Power. Find out more at


Two Hour Pre-Retreat Bonus Classrooms

A Back to the Body retreat is a modern reincarnation of an ancient Venus temple. 

For thousands of years, God was a woman, and sexuality, the body and life itself were worshipped and celebrated in the temples. Ecstatic pleasure was a path to healing and enlightenment, and also served the community. The Goddess incarnated through priestesses in sacred sexual rites, and when She was well-pleased, the land would be fertile and the crops abundant.

The planet Venus has been linked with the Goddess, and the priestesses who served her, for at least 5,000 years. Our Goddess-worshipping ancestors tracked Venus’ journey through the sky and enacted ritual in sync with her cycle and with the cycle of the Moon.

At this retreat, we’ll revive both the awareness and embodied practice of the ancient Venus temples. Emily will offer insight into current Venusian astrology, and guide the group through Venusian and lunar-aligned ritual at sacred sites. And, before the retreat, Emily will offer a two-part online class, providing both historical and astrological context to prepare for our time together.

An Introduction to the Sacredly Sexual Priestess and Ancient Venus Temples-

What was the role of the Sacredly Sexual Priestess in the pre-patriarchal Goddess religion? How is this archetype relevant to Back to the Body, and to the greater context of the return of the Divine Feminine? We’ll dive into the ancient story of how Priestesses channeled Eros through their bodies in service to the community, the destruction of these practices under the patriarchy, and the return of the Sacredly Sexual Priestess in contemporary culture.

An Introduction to the Cycle of Venus and Inanna’s Return from the Underworld- October 28, 2019 7:30pm-9:30 Eastern time

Venus has been associated with the Divine Feminine for thousands of years, and ancient Priestesses of the Goddess performed rituals aligned with her astronomical cycle. This webinar gives you an overview of how to work with the Venus cycle to awaken and strengthen your inner Goddess. You’ll learn about the ancient Sumerian Goddess Inanna and how her journey to and from the Underworld directly correlate to the cycle of Venus. And, we’ll explore Venus’ current cycle, and the phase of the cycle we’ll be working with at our Scotland retreat. Venus-Inanna will have just risen from the Underworld, and will be rising through the First Gate, activating and re-empowering the Root Chakra.

Additional Activities


Visit to Sacred Goddess Sites and stone circles

Discover medieval castles

Come early and visit beautiful Edinburgh, stay near the castle and have everything within walking distance.

Scotland scenery of rolling hills and ocean views

Hikes through the woods

Optional Embodied Photography session -supplemental fee. 

Visit a nearby beach 

Authentic Scottish meals



November 10-17, 2019

This retreat is limited to 15 women

Women will fly into Edinburgh Airport (EDI) and should stay in Edinburgh a night or two beforehand.

Minimum Investment: $8.300. A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is required to secure your spot in the workshop.

Payment can be made online with a credit card. Once we receive your deposit we will send you a formal Registration Confirmation with further information about the program.

You will receive 2-3 other correspondences by email prior to the workshop with information about the retreat, how to prepare and electronic invoices for the balance.


Room Choices:

Mont Blanc: queen bed, 

private bath (tub/shower) in room

Price:  $8800 SOLDOUT

Matisse: queen bed, two singles,

Bath in hallway is large with tub

And handshower

Queen: $8600 SOLD OUT

Single: $8000 SOLD OUT

Single:  $8000 Sold Out

Hideaway: queen bed, one single

Bathroom is in hall with tub and 


Queen:  $8600 SOLD OUT

Single:  $8000

Tropics: queen bed and private


Price:  $8800 (SOLD OUT)

Moray Firth: Top of the line, queen

bed, private bath and shower

Price:  $9000 (SOLD OUT)

Highlands: Top of the line, queen

Private bed, bath and shower

Price:  $9000(SOLD OUT)

Cogito: queen, hallway bathroom

Shared with naval gazing. No tub

Price:  $8600sold out

Naval Gazing: queen, shared bathroom

No tub/deluxe shower

Price:  $8600 SOLD OUT

Papillon:  Queen and single, Large

Soaking tub and shower

Queen:  $8600(SOLD OUT)

Single: $8300 (SOLDOUT)

Sol y Mar: queen and single, tub

And shower

Queen:  $8600

Single: $8300 SOLD OUT


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