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Pamela’s Unique 12 Month Mentorship Program


Chances are, you are an unusual woman on a mission. That’s the kind of woman that fills up my programs and retreats. This is not everyday work that most woman will ever avail themselves of.

To be honest, it’s an extraordinary, magnificent and occasionally scary journey to take on. The truth is that I have not yet met a woman who does not need a re-education + support for their sexuality and it’s a tiny number what will ever make the call.

Congratulations. You made it.

What’s true is that you were born an erotic being.  And in every area of our lives except sex we are offered support and help. Just think about. We are offered help in nutrition, physical fitness, mental health, parenting, healthcare and even dying. But in this central part of our lives we are offered pretty much nothing. So keep reading. What I have to offer you is filled with pleasure, authenticity, excitement, challenges and transformation. It’s time for women to have a seat at the table and I’m pulling out a chair for you.

Some sex education programs that offer deep dives to women who are ready to explore their sexuality are all talk. Some think it's all about orgasm or the clitoris and stroking your way to sexual fulfillment.

Are you ready to explore your sexuality in a way you never have before? I know that this is brand new because this has never been offered before. We are talking about Soul Sex.


Let's start here with a few questions...


Do you feel left out of the conversation when other women are talking about sexual fulfillment, pleasure and orgasms?

Are you certain that you know what arousal is?

Have you ever had extended arousal?

Are you experiencing erotic pleasure the way you want?

Does it feel like your essential life force energy is humming along on a low vibration? Kinda like your pilot light has gone out? Do you want to feel like a girl on fire and instead of feeling like your lotus flower is stuck in the mud?

Could you pick your genitals out of a line up? 

Do you feel disconnected from your body and have body shame? 

Have your heard about erotic trance states? 

Do you think that it's possible for your sexuality to be a part of your soul? And do you want to know more about that?


Here's the thing. Sexuality is an evolution and everybody's relationship with their sexuality, intimacy and pleasure is changing all the time. Female sexuality requires constant exploration and freedom of expression. What most people don't realize is when you allow yourself the time, space and resources to explore your sexual soul in a deep and supportive environment it will impact every other part of your life. When you are able to live as a woman in full erotic potential, you find yourself living a turned on, fully alive empowered life. 

The Program

Pamela's program is a combination of virtual support that you can take advantage of from anywhere in the world through one-on-one coaching sessions, group mastermind video calls with other women seeking their own erotic potential, a private Facebook group creating sisterhood and community, and participation in two of Pamela's retreats where we bring in somatic experiencing with her extraordinary staff.

Pamela has had 70 sold out retreats in the last seven years and has coached hundreds of women. She has been recently featured for her work in female arousal in O Magazine. Pamela's "Soul Sex" program is a way for women who are tired of obstacles to jump right in without the waiting list. You get immediate access to Pamela's guidance and start attending her world famous retreats. With Pamela's expert guidance and access to her team of unparalleled professionals in a safe environment, this 12 month experiential + virtual program you will change how you experience your sexuality forever.


The Soul Sex program is for you if...

  • you are a woman between the ages of 24 and 80 and are ready to feel more playful, confident and turned on in your sexuality

  • you want to be to be able to know what turns you on and be able to ask for it without shame

  • you feel that old beliefs and trauma have been holding you back

  • you want to start putting your relationship with your body and sexuality at the top of your "do do list"

  • you are ready to prioritize pleasure, happiness and joy

  • you are curious how sexually energy can ignite your creative energy and over all feelings of wellness and vitality

  • you want to take a new look at all the different ways you can have sexual relationships and if you are curious about what is out there in the world of sexual playgrounds for adult women

  • you are ready to connect your sexuality to your soul.

  • you are wanting to heal your relationships with women and want to become a part of a network of women doing this deep somatic, sex positive work. Is a sister hood of women missing in your life? You can have that starting now.

  • you want to heal relationships with female members of your family

  • you want to live the life of a woman in full. To be a woman who feels a sense of integration between your sexuality and all the other parts of your life.


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