Imagine reigniting your sense of playful sexuality in New Orleans!

It's hard to lay down in words the lure of this place. Every great writer in the land, from Faulkner to Twain to Rice to Ford, has tried to do it and fallen short. It is impossible to capture the essence, tolerance, and spirit of south Louisiana in words and to try is to roll down a road of clichés, bouncing over beignets and beads and brass bands and it just is what it is. Simply Amazing! 

Even if you have journeyed with The Back to the Body Team before, this special expanded offering of Back to The Body New Orleans, is going to dazzle our senses as we go deep in our bodies, surrounded by rich history, jazz, burlesque, and a city that is known for it's food.  Imagine waking in a private, history-rich, graciously restored private home that is completely ours. 

Close your eyes and picture starting your days in embodiment practices such as yoga, massage, dance, mediation, lotus lift and jade egg practice or a dip in the hot tub? 

Add in the delight of daily sessions filled with exquisite sensual body work where you can enliven and transform your creative and erotic self.


Here's what will happen...

Spend your afternoons drinking in more pleasure as we go on excursions featuring the city of New Orleans as our center piece! Burlesque lessons, jazz clubs, dancing along Bourban Street, Burlesque Theatre, and mystery tours that will take us deep into the city.
Imagine, a private cooking classes  which will seduce us into three-hour long dinner party rich with conversation and laughter. We will consciously bring in our food, the mystery and sexiness of New Orleans and touch into our bodies! We will actively experience what it is to feel sensual pleasure with all of our senses.

This is a rare journey that only few will take. For the 6 to 8 women who dare, we believe this will be a vacation of a lifetime. Join us to reach for your own personal key in a continuing journey of transformation to living your life as a turned on woman.


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Dates: May 20th - 26th or May 30th - June 5th

Minimum Investment: $6,500. A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is required to secure your spot in the workshop. Payment can be made on line with a credit card. Once we receive your deposit we will send you a formal Registration Confirmation with further information about the program. You will receive 2-3 other correspondences by email prior to the workshop with information about the retreat, how to prepare and electronic invoices for the balance.
We offer extended, personalized payment plans for those who want to reserve their retreats 8-12 months in advance.

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Please remember that there are no refunds on our programs. If you are unable to attend, we will do our best to transfer you to another program; 6 weeks before the program starts, we cannot promise that we can move you and the program money will not be refunded.

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