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Yoni Clearing Session

Yoni Clearing Session


Amy Kebernik is a Sexuality, Relationship & Intimacy Coach, Somatic Sexual Educator and Tantra teacher who resides in Terrace, B.C., Canada. Amy has studied Skydancing Tantra Teacher training with Steve & Lokita Carter, Somatica Method Coaching with Dr. Danielle Harel and Celeste Hirschman, as well as Sexological Bodywork with Caffyn Jesse and Dr. Liam Snowdon. Amy is currently mentoring with Pamela Madsen.

On of Amy's specialties is working with survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. Her own history and experience with sexual abuse has led her to dedicate her life to learning how to heal and reconnect lovingly with her own body and sexuality. Coaching with compassion, understanding, and clear boundaries are a big part of what she has to offer as a practitioner.

She teaches The Sexually Embodied Woman self-development course, and leads workshops on Tantra, somatic sexuality, self-expression, conscious touch, communication, meditation and embodiment practices. Her passion is educating & inspiring others to discover how they can create more awareness, pleasure and freedom in their lives.

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