Our Photographers

Many of our retreats feature optional boudoir photo shoots for our women. Here are the photographers we have contracted with.



“Capturing the sensual beauty of your authentic self is a journey through your erotic.”

Boudoir photography is something one can do at any point in life.  It’s a direct line to building confidence and encouraging one to embrace all of their beauty.  Of course having a boudoir session is absolutely positively FUN.  Imagine being pampered by a professional hair and makeup artist, playing dress up and choosing the perfect outfit, laughing, allowing yourself and others to witness the depth of what makes you a majestic being. Then having all of your perfect curves captured.  It’s an unforgettable moment that everyone deserves to experience. 

Each person chooses to do a Boudoir session for their own reasons. Some people thrive in front of the camera while others want to remember a time in their lives. The most potent reason is the powerful healing one receives when honoring all of you.

When sitting with Sway you will experience a self-empowering transformational process that allows one to explore all of your sensuality.  Through this collaborative process, Sway listens to how you want to be photographed, gives posing guidance along the way, asking questions that ignite your creative spirit, then opening the door for your self-love to shine.  Through this process the healing journey of sexual empowerment takes hold in a safe consensual space exploring desire, identity, sexuality, playfulness, and the erotic within.

Sway specializes in fashion erotica, sexuality, and sexual empowerment. She is a master of her craft and has been working in the industry for over decade empowering her models to be in their full power, beauty, and radiance. Sway creates an atmosphere of mutual collaboration, connection, and inspiration. Her skill goes beyond framing the perfect shot and playing with light, her gift is in capturing peoples essential beauty. She states, “My favorite moment as a photographer is a little hard to describe. The moment just hits me. You see a person begin to shed their masks and their true essence shines through. I am privileged to be able to capture that.”

JonGunnar Gylafson

With over 13 years of experience in the industry, JonGunnar Gylfason is an accomplished photographer, cinematographer, and filmmaker. While being a seasoned professional, he still continues to nurture and
refine his craft, never settling for less than excellence
. He earned his B.S. in Mass Communications from Bemidji State University in Minnesota. He soon after relocated to New Orleans to earn his M.F.A in Film and Production from the University of New Orleans. During his time at UNO, he was a producer, cinematographer or director on over 40 short films. New Orleans turned out to be a perfect fit for JonGunnar as his art, like the city, is unique and eccentric yet still has a compelling beauty that can be appreciated by all.