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Arousalpedia: An Evening of Turning On and Understanding our Internal Light

Join Pamela Madsen for a glamorous night in NYC in a luxurious penthouse location for “Arousalpedia: An Evening of Turning On and Understanding our Internal Light” Hosted by Lori Sutherland, owner of Dame Lori Unlimited.

Learning to access and use arousal is the beginning of expanding your life to the next level. Arousal is the ignition switch of the female erotic engine, that potent driver of sexual energy that is life force itself. Is it any wonder that arousal heals?

It's time for a new understanding of  female sexuality. It stops being about merely the orgasm, the lover, the marriage or the commodity for sale.  It's about teaching women how core female sexuality is the fuel that lights up a woman from within.

Pleasure heals.  And Pamela believes that the state of arousal may actually be the secret source of every woman’s power. If it wasn't; why would our genitals be the first thing that is attacked when society wants to subdue women?

Female sexual arousal as a tool of health and creation in women is one of the most understudied parts of a woman's mental and physical health care.

Join Pamela for a special evening where we will all explore the power of Arousal.

Be prepared to light up from the inside out.

Space is limited to 22 women.

Date: Wednesday, December 13th
Time: 6pm to 9:00 pm
Location: Upper East Side. The address will be sent out after registration. This is a private residence.
Investment: $45.00/$55.00 after 12/1/17

Wine and goodies will be served.