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The Art of Receiving

  • Betaworks Studio 29 Little West 12th Street New York, NY, 10014 United States (map)

Announcing our first Portal of the Feminine in New York City. Now, in it’s 7th year traveling the country, we are excited to unveil a brand new experience in a very sexy location right under the Highline in Manhattan.


Join Pamela Madsen (Founder of Back to the Body), Dan Powers (Director at Back to the Body) and Kenneth Play (Celebrity Pleasure Educator) for a weekend of exploring and working through the number one issue facing women today in female pleasure: the difficulty in receiving. To that end we have named this special edition Portal Event:


The Art of Receiving


Why Is The Art of Receiving Important to all women?

Most women have developed extraordinary “giver” skills in all aspects of their lives. It is in our biology… we are wired to care-take. As a result, many of us women are living unbalanced and under-accomplished lives where the door only opens one way, out to others.

Are you living this way?

If so, you are only learning how to give pleasure to those around you. And the entryway to your own pleasure is blocked or even locked. You may perceive receiving as selfish and filled with all kinds of obstacles:

“I don’t have time”

“I don’t have the money”

“Others will leave me”

Obstacles to receiving can be the fear of opening and being vulnerable, being seen, self-doubt, feelings of unworthiness, and putting your trust in the hands of another.



Let’s face it…Receiving is scary!

For every giver there is a receiver. Giving to a person that does not know how to receive can actually feel like a failed experience for the giver!

By learning how to receive, you are appreciating the gift from the giver. How interesting is that?

What’s more important is that when you enter receptive states, you open up pathways in your body that you previously couldn’t feel or see before. Being able to receive stimulates energy, pleasure potential opens exponentially, your heart opens, you create connections both to your own self and to your relationships. Being able to stay present by learning how to remove your receiving roadblocks during pleasure --- truly receive allows you to fill your body with positive energy. When you receive as well as give, you are not only healthier in mind, body, and spirit—you give yourself the key that unlocks the door to your goals, your hopes and your dreams.



Great Receivers

Know how to create safety

Negotiate Sex

Have strong boundaries

Have strong communication skills which include breath, sound, movement

Know how to your language in a positive way to give good feedback

Are body and genital positive

Know how to turn themselves on

Understand their turn on’s, arousal triggers and how they like to be touched

Stay focused and give themselves time to feel

They enjoy letting go into pleasure and riding the waves.
They don’t chase orgasm instead they surrender.

They know how to turn off negative thoughts and stay in supporting thoughts

They have erotic curiosity

They developed sophisticated preferences


In this special workshop you will gain the tools of great sensual receiving including

  • The Sexual Authenticity Model

  • How to turn off and understand your hyper-vigilance response

  • Why you are riding with you brake lights on and how to lift your foot off your pleasure brake

  • The stages or continuum of the female orgasmic state as well as developing the ability to embody it

  • How to transport yourself from arousal to feel the waves of pleasure, building from soft orgasm to peaking to multiple orgasms to tantric pleasure states

  • How your thoughts impact your pleasure state and learn knew ways of thinking

  • How we sabotage ecstasy

  • Distinguish the various fear states: not being safe, anticipatory fear, performance anxiety and function pressure

  • Break down body image pleasure blockers

  • Build your “Inner Game” of learning self soothing responses such breath, mood setting, and all the components that all of us need to fully receive such as feeling beautiful and adored.

  • Understand “Safe Danger” and its role in your turn on

  • The role of arousal in your creative life.

  • Develop your ability to identify and express your desires, and discover new ways of listening to the voice and wisdom of your own body.

  • You will leave with a basic understanding of the building blocks to a life of being a great receiver which is not only a gift to yourself but to any partner you will ever have.

Our process includes

  1. Guided meditation for listening to your own internal erotic guide.

  2. Lotus Lift Meditation to tap into arousal energy to fuel your creativity.

  3. Explore your full female expression and how we hold emotions in our bodies.

  4. Guided Art of Adoration Meditation and feeling what it is to become living art in your own body in a ritual space.

  5. Two live demos of the Art of Receiving. Witness a live demonstration of Sexological Bodywork and the Power of the Full Goddess Array in a woman's body.

  6. Explore sensation as a tool of erotic trance.

  7. Examine why we keep ourselves as small receivers of pleasure and practice opening yourself up to your greatness.

  8. Feel beautiful and feel the pleasure of being seen

  9. Confront your hunger in every form from sexuality, to food, to money.

  10. Dive into Orgasmic Yoga and learn to access and work with your arousal and orgasm as a holistic tool for healing and transformation in your life.



Not many women have the opportunity to not only understand their own orgasmic potential, but it’s a true luxury to be able to fully experience their pleasure potential.

Become one of them. To understand the art of receiving is to become sexually sophisticated. Learning how to become an active receiver is to become a woman who possesses the heart an explorer. Join us and receive an incredibly curated event for women to truly understand and feel the gift of receiving.


Are you ready to develop an internal guide
to successfully and sustainably explore your sexuality?



We will come together on Friday evening at 8pm (February 8th) to get to know one other, share light food and refreshments, and set our collective intentions for the weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday we will begin at 10am and end by 6pm. Lodging is independent and Manhattan is filled with wonderful places to stay.

Lunch will be on your own, snacks and refreshments will be available.



February 8-10, 2019

New York City
Meatpacking District under the New York Highline

Lodging is not included and local options are listed below.

Early Bird Pricing $550.00
(Until December 15)

This Portal is Limited to 50 Women.
It will sell out, so get your tickets now!


If you have any questions about the event content or whether this event is right for you, please email


Meet The Portal Event Team



Lodging options

There are many lodging options available in Manhattan including Air bnb and hotels. The event will be in Meatpacking District, near the Highline.

Here are two options nearby:

The Jane Hotel and the Dream Hotel

You may consider sharing an Air BnB with a small group of women.

Lodging is not included in your event cost.