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Our Team

Our Team

Learn about the people who will guide your Back to the Body journey


Pamela Madsen


A pioneer in fertility and sex advocacy, Pamela Madsen is the Founder and first Executive Director of The American Fertility Association. She is a fearless advocate for women’s health and integrated sexuality who leverages her raw honesty and well-informed wit to help strip the stigma from infertility, female desire and body image.

Pamela, a certified Somatic Sex Educator with a Master's degree in Education has coached hundreds of women on their own personal journey back into their bodies, and their own expression of their Divine Feminine. Pamela is a veteran speaker, educator, and renowned blogger for The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, The Fertility Advocate, and Care2. 

She is the author of Shameless: How I Ditched The Diet, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure and Still Got Home In Time To Cook Dinner (Rodale, January 2011). Pamela has appeared on 60 Minutes, Oprah, CNN, AARP Primetime Radio, The Dr. Laura Berman Show, The Jane Pratt Show, and Playboy Radio. As well as countless other media outlets. To learn more about Pamela Madsen please visit her personal website.

Dan Powers, CSB


At the age of 40, Dan Powers was introduced to the Western version of the tantric arts through Charles Muir and the Source School of Tantra Yoga. That introduction began his quest for knowledge about all things related to a more intimate expression of sex and sexuality. Being an engineer, Dan sought to learn other grounded approaches to sexuality and gain an understanding of the inner working from the perspective of how bodies function. After years of study, the result of his quest is a comprehensive knowledge about sex, sexuality and relating from a wide variety of disciplines and traditions including Quodoushka, Sky Dancing Tantra, Human Awareness Institute (HAI), Lafayette Morehouse, Body Electric, One Taste, and many more. He shares his knowledge with his clients and the wider community through his company Beyond the Bedroom asking them to explore what is possible so they can decide what works best for them and their relationships.

At Back to the Body, Dan brings all his teaching to the table through coaching and bodywork. Working within the guidelines of Sexological Bodywork, Dan is driven by the deep knowledge that each woman needs to be treated uniquely to create the most appropriate experience for her journey. Dan is a man who possesses advanced experiences of tantric transformation and is therefore able to increase the blissful wisdom of a highly qualified practitioner.


Ron Stewart


Ron Stewart has been a body worker since 2006 and has training in Reiki, Swedish, Thai, and Esalen massage techniques. In 2011 his curiosity and interest in human sexuality brought him to study with Joseph Kramer where he received certification as a Sexological Bodyworker. In 2012 Ron joined the Sexological Bodywork coaching team, assisting in the Canadian training.

His massage practice has evolved from an extensive dance career, which offered him dynamic physical training and a deep understanding of the body/mind connection. Together, his passion and understanding of movement, anatomy, yoga, massage and sexuality have come together to create Skyclad Yoga which he operates from his rural studio and retreat centre on Southern Vancouver Island.


Neal Wecker


As a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator Neal Wecker is committed to offering practical, bold, and trust worthy sex and intimacy skill based education for physical, emotional, and spiritual maturity. In private sessions, workshops, and writings, Neal advocates and offers support for people to embrace and to experience their sexuality as a conscious practice towards the health and happiness they deserve.

His educational offerings are always in reverence and remembrance of the body; to revere and to remember the pleasures and wisdom experienced through conscious embodiment. His training includes erotic bodywork, Tantra, various expressive movement art forms, yoga, gender studies, and sex coaching.

Neal offers workshops and private sessions for individuals and couples in both Europe and the States and divides his time between working and living in Ithaca, NY and Budapest, Hungary.



Cosmo Meens


It's not easy to find and vet the best practitioners and we are literally reaching around the world to bring the brightest stars in somatic bodywork to Back to the Body. Cosmo Meens is a certified Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker and is the co-founder of the Happy Touch Movement.

Cosmo comes from a background of serving and teaching sensual delights, having been a Chef and Restauranteur for the last fifteen years, and opening six restaurants in Victoria B.C. He has a deep understanding of supporting people in making the connection between pleasure and thriving health whether it is through his experience teaching in culinary arts for the last seven years or supporting people in somatic sex education.

For Cosmo, this choice of what we do with our bodies, is our greatest source of power and impacts everything in our lives. "Everything changed for me the day I decided to prioritize pleasure as my birthright. My journey finding my voice has led me through criticism and shame to a lighted path of personal truth. Each of us deserve to feel pleasure in our beautifully innervated bodies. It's my honor and gift to offer physical touch in a safe fearless container for my clients to explore their deepest desires and in doing so learning how to better trust themselves and those they are in relationship with."


Amy Kebernik


Amy Kebernik is a Sexuality, Relationship & Intimacy Coach, Somatic Sexual Educator and Tantra teacher who resides in Terrace, B.C., Canada. Amy has studied Skydancing Tantra Teacher training with Steve & Lokita Carter, Somatica Method Coaching with Dr. Danielle Harel and Celeste Hirschman, as well as Sexological Bodywork with Caffyn Jesse and Dr. Liam Snowdon. Amy is currently mentoring with Pamela Madsen.

On of Amy's specialties is working with survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. Her own history and experience with sexual abuse has led her to dedicate her life to learning how to heal and reconnect lovingly with her own body and sexuality. Coaching with compassion, understanding, and clear boundaries are a big part of what she has to offer as a practitioner.

She teaches The Sexually Embodied Woman self-development course, and leads workshops on Tantra, somatic sexuality, self-expression, conscious touch, communication, meditation and embodiment practices. Her passion is educating & inspiring others to discover how they can create more awareness, pleasure and freedom in their lives.


Kenneth Play


Kenneth Play and his projects have been featured in Playboy, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, Men’s health, Women’s Health, and Cosmopolitan.

His fitness coaching experience combined with his hacker mindset made him a unique sex educator. The same way he help his fitness clients feel more comfortable at the gym and master complex exercises is the same way he help his current clients towards gaining confidence in the bedroom and mastering g-spot pleasure techniques seen on Playboy TV.

Some say his teaching style is a combination of Tim Ferriss, Martha Stewart and Bruce Lee. He believe that sexual pleasure is our birthright" He has devoted his life to empowering people through sexual education and promoting sex positive culture. 




Ondra believes that any true personal change comes from within. He guides people to access and use their body wisdom and shows them how to be more present in their bodies and minds. He educates and guides women to be more empowered and to see all their exciting choices when it comes to intimacy and pleasure. Instead of suggesting answers, he asks good questions. Ondra has a unique mix of presence and skill. He teaches through consensual, conscious and safe touch.

Ondra holds certificates in Somatic Sex Education (CSSE), Sexological Bodywork (CSB), and is the creator of Let’s Make Consent Sexy Again!™ which teaches students how to find out what they want, express it and respond to others. In addition to private consulting, he has worked as a bodyworker in various spa centers.

Besides a passion for teaching sexual wellness and wisdom, Ondra enjoys travel and learning about foreign cultures. His adventures have taken him all around the world including places like the Yukon, Canadian Arctic, Iceland and Mongolia. He bicycles to remote places and skippers sailing trips on the Adriatic Sea. He holds a Master’s degree in Sociology, Philosophy, English and American Literature. He is fluent in English, German and Czech. Ondra is our first European staff member. 

Our Photographers

Many of our retreats feature optional boudoir photo shoots for our women. These are the photographers we have contracted with.



“Capturing the sensual beauty of your authentic self is a journey through your erotic.”

Boudoir photography is something one can do at any point in life.  It’s a direct line to building confidence and encouraging one to embrace all of their beauty.  Of course having a boudoir session is absolutely positively FUN.  Imagine being pampered by a professional hair and makeup artist, playing dress up and choosing the perfect outfit, laughing, allowing yourself and others to witness the depth of what makes you a majestic being. Then having all of your perfect curves captured.  It’s an unforgettable moment that everyone deserves to experience. 

Each person chooses to do a Boudoir session for their own reasons. Some people thrive in front of the camera while others want to remember a time in their lives. The most potent reason is the powerful healing one receives when honoring all of you.

When sitting with Sway you will experience a self-empowering transformational process that allows one to explore all of your sensuality.  Through this collaborative process, Sway listens to how you want to be photographed, gives posing guidance along the way, asking questions that ignite your creative spirit, then opening the door for your self-love to shine.  Through this process the healing journey of sexual empowerment takes hold in a safe consensual space exploring desire, identity, sexuality, playfulness, and the erotic within.

Sway specializes in fashion erotica, sexuality, and sexual empowerment. She is a master of her craft and has been working in the industry for over decade empowering her models to be in their full power, beauty, and radiance. Sway creates an atmosphere of mutual collaboration, connection, and inspiration. Her skill goes beyond framing the perfect shot and playing with light, her gift is in capturing peoples essential beauty. She states, “My favorite moment as a photographer is a little hard to describe. The moment just hits me. You see a person begin to shed their masks and their true essence shines through. I am privileged to be able to capture that.”



With over 13 years of experience in the industry, JonGunnar Gylfason is an accomplished photographer, cinematographer, and filmmaker. While being a seasoned professional, he still continues to nurture and
refine his craft, never settling for less than excellence
. He earned his B.S. in Mass Communications from Bemidji State University in Minnesota. He soon after relocated to New Orleans to earn his M.F.A in Film and Production from the University of New Orleans. During his time at UNO, he was a producer, cinematographer or director on over 40 short films. New Orleans turned out to be a perfect fit for JonGunnar as his art, like the city, is unique and eccentric yet still has a compelling beauty that can be appreciated by all.