Back to the Body

Thank YOU


Welcome to Back to the Body!

Whether this is your first retreat experience with Back to the Body or your fifth...

We are so glad to have you experience coming back to your body.  On behalf of the entire staff, welcome and thank you! 

Please fill out your consent form and food preferences at this time by using the links below.

You will be receiving occasional retreat information along the way.  There will be a welcome call about one month prior to the retreat, where you will meet the other women attending and the staff.  In the mean time, if you have any questions please contact Meg Hunter at 

If you are arranging travel, please consider arriving one day prior to the retreat and one day following the retreat to allow for adequate time to get to many of the retreat locations.


Our Staff

Pamela Madsen, creator of Back to the Body: Sensuous Retreats for Women and Dan Powers, Director of Back to the Body form the team that creates this experience!


Back to the Body Practitioners

Our practitioners are carefully vetted by Pamela Madsen to ensure they adhere to the integrity and skill set of the Back to the Body standards.  These practitioners come to the retreats with years of experience and with your needs and desires in mind.  You will personally be assigned to one of these highly qualified team members.  This assignment generally takes place a month or two before the retreat start date.  Once assigned a practitioner, you will connect via email and then skype to begin the conversation and set your own personal intention for this retreat. 



Back to the Body Products

Be prepared for your next retreat with your very own Back to The Body Backpack and other highly recommended products to bring with you to your retreat and use before and after your retreat.

  • Back to the Body Branded Backpack
  • Back to the Body Branded Water Bottle
  • Back to the Body Branded Journal
  • Hitachi Rechargeable Magic Wand
  • Pink Quartz Yoni Egg Set
  • Silk Mask
  • Sex Butter

We also have items you may be interested in adding to your purchase such as the Crave bullet or the Njoy!

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