“Back to The Body” attracts an incredible celebration of beautiful women from around the world several times a year. Each retreat is limited to nine women and has ranged in age from 25 to 75! They can tell you about their experiences way better than we can! Here are just some of our pictures, their reflections and letters:

The Back to the Body Staff were the most passionate, nurturing, encouraging, funny, sexy, skilled, hard-working, knowledgeable, tuned-in facilitators I could have imagined for Back to the Body. It was a healing, beautiful life-changer. So much laughter and tears, too.

Thanks to you three, and the five other courageous women from whom I received so much inspiration, encouragement and love! Hugs and kisses all around.
— Cathy from Dallas
I came to the retreat to release my inner sex goddess. I got a great and wonderful experience that was way more than I expected! I now have incredible new tools to bring back into my life.
— Debi, from the UK
It’s crazy how much I have been feeling since I have been home! I have always loved music but since the retreat I have really been hearing the words and feeling the emotions behind it. I have been singing and dancing around my house, and it feels so good to no longer be closed off and open to receiving from everything and everyone around me!
— Kathy, age 32
I came here so detached from my body, I didn’t think it was possible to merge mind and body. And I did. Thanks to the three of you!
— Nina, Chicago
I had sex this morning with my husband for the first time since I’ve been back from the retreat. Wow, what a whole new experience...being wide open. My husband experienced me in a new way; I experienced me in a new way! It’s so freeing not to hold on. Aaah, it feels good.
— Beth, age 47
I have learned more about my body in the past five days than I have in my entire life. You should call it “To The Body” because I was not into my body to begin with.
Ron, You truly are an amazing ‘yoga’ instructor, your care and your awareness truly fed the love of movement I have in my body. I loved your sharing and openness.
— Laurie