"Female sexual pleasure, rightly understood, is not just about sexuality or just about pleasure. It serves also, as a medium of female knowledge, and hopefulness; female creativity and courage; female focus and initiative; female bliss and transcendence; and as medium of a sensibility that feels very much like freedom. To understand the vagina properly is to realize that it is not only coexistence with the female brain, but is also, essentially, a part of the female soul."

Naomi Wolf

Victoria, Canada

Sensuous Retreat, Core Program


Sensuous Retreat

The Back to the Body Team

Pamela Madsen

Pamela Madsen

A pioneer in fertility and sex advocacy, Pamela Madsen is the Founder and first Executive Director of The American Fertility Association.

Ron Stewart

Ron Stewart

Ron Stewart has been a body worker since 2006 and has training in Reiki, Swedish, Thai, and Esalen massage techniques.

Neal Wecker

Neal Wecker

A certified sexological bodyworker and somatic sex educator, Neal offers practical, bold, and trust worthy sex and intimacy skill based education

Will Fredericks

Will Fredericks

Will Fredericks is a sex educator and intimacy coach, certified as a Somatic Sex Educator through The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

I thought it could never happen.

“Ron, You truly are an amazing ‘yoga’ instructor, your care and your awareness truly fed the love of movement I have in my body. I loved your sharing and openness.”— Laurie, Back to The Body Participant.

Thank you. Thank you.

I feel like I can have all of these things I couldn’t have before.

I have been home from Back to the Body for one week and I am still marinating in its richness and depth, and missing my new friends, with whom so much sharing was exchanged.

“Back to the Body” was five days spent living the way I want to live the rest of my life: feeling loved, centred, sexy, and open to joy.

Each Back To The Body” Facilitator has unique gifts, but all are deeply compassionate and passionate.

When the retreat ended I began to realize how intrinsically changed I was…down to a cellular level.

Ron, Pamela and Will were the most passionate, nurturing, encouraging, funny, sexy, skilled, hard-working, knowledgeable, tuned-in facilitators I could have imagined for Back to the Body.

The retreat was perfectly designed to let us explore what we needed to explore in an environment of safety and love.