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I have attended Pamela’s Back to the Body retreats. She profoundly understands, supports and creates space for women to be their own healers and self-awakeners. The resources, body workers, rituals, education, and beautiful environment of her retreats... combined with her authentic love for women is the magical recipe that truly works. She knows instinctively when a participant needs her own space or ritual to heal and she honors that. She doesn’t subscribe to any scripts nor does she force feed anything to the women. She knows when and how to step in and provide tools/support to help a woman find her way.

Pamela’s belief and trust in a woman’s own ability to heal and empower herself is the foundation from which all her work is built.
— Shelley

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Video #2 Marginalized Women….Straight Women Are the Most Sexually Unsatisfied Population in Our Nation…Find Out Why and What You Can Do

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What is Back to the Body?


Back to the Body is a sensuous whole body wellness experience for women who are ready to create real change in their lives. We put an emphasis on full body healing and touch, releasing trauma, and expanding your untapped potential for enjoyment, fulfillment and satisfaction as a woman.


Transformation is nearly impossible through only one session or even once-a-week sessions, without the complete immersion experience. That's why, at Back to the Body, women are whisked away to exotic environments that drench their senses and why they each have the opportunity to receive five complimentary, ninety minute, body work sessions throughout the retreat.


In addition, with only twelve to twenty-four women cared for from morning until bedtime by internationally recognized certified somatic sex educators that have been thoroughly vetted by creator Pamela Madsen, plus additional support staff, Back to the Body is able to provide unparalleled holistic care in a safe, nurturing environment.


Each woman receives personalized care from Pamela Madsen and the core staff members throughout the retreat, beginning with pre-retreat get-to-know-you chats via Skype, as well as follow-up support with Pamela Madsen after the retreat.


The women arrive at Back to the Body with hope and a promise—and they are always stunned on how their own bodies deliver on that promise over the course of the retreat’s five or six days.


Back to the Body is a personal journey of feminine empowerment. Our relationship with our sexuality deeply affects all aspects of our lives from our emotional well-being, our ability to create, self-confidence and even our relationship with food.


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